ICPS Special Briefing Series on COVID-19

26th March 2020, London, UK

ICPS Special Briefing Series on COVID-19: Examining a British Approach


Our ICPS Special Briefings on COVID-19 will provide a unique resource, taking place weekly as a series of webinars. It offers an opportunity for practitioners, civil servants and other key stakeholders to examine the resilience of the current framework for pandemic preparedness and explore key actions that need to be taken. The series will allow attendees to assess how well their organisation and local area is prepared and develop strategies to improve.


“There’s no other country in the world managing the pandemic in the same way,” Francois Balloux, Director of Genetics Institute, University College London, here highlights the UK’s sheer difference in approach to this global emergency. COVID-19 cases double around the world every four days and the toll climbs beyond 7,000 lives and the UK is now entering the escalation phase.

On the surface, the UK policy has eschewed social distancing measures, spurning the mass closures that have become commonplace throughout the world; instead opting for behavioural nudges – choosing a more restrained approach - reliant on coaxing and positive assertion.

Briefing Outline

  • A British Approach: Examine how the UK has adopted nudge theory and the advice of behavioural scientists to shape current framework, the use of multi-sector collaboration and policies adopted to protect critical sectors of the economy.
  • State of Play: An in-depth look at the contemporary threats of Coronavirus, including impact on Health Services, the resilience of UK society, and existing contingencies.
  • Mapping a Pandemic: Gain further clarity and understanding from the effective use of data and analytics, and see how modelling has a role in shaping future policy.
  • The Role of Vaccinations: Learn how the UK is mitigating the risk of future pandemics in the hunt for Disease X, and analyse the role the UK plays in a global fight post Brexit.
  • Global Best Practice: Former Obama administration advisor, Alex Lightman presents a radical alternative approach.

4 Hours | On Demand
26th March 2020