Two Days Masterclass in Policy Implementation and Evaluation

15th - 17th July 2020, London, UK

Course Overview

If you are looking to further develop your policy making and want to sharpen your evaluation and policy implementation, ICPS’s Virtual Masterclass provides a focused in-depth session with one of the top experts in the field, delivered in your home or office. Attend this Virtual Masterclass and immediately improve your policy making.

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

This 2-day Masterclass is packed with examples from real projects, illustrating good and bad policy making, you'll learn in this Masterclass:

  1. How policy implementation and evaluation fit into the “policy cycle”
  2. Why do we need to focus on implementation and evaluation?
  3. How policy implementation is influenced by different political systems
  4. Understanding the issue, the policy is attempting to resolve
  5. Importance of understanding the policy scope