Professional Certificate
in Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism

30th March - 3rd April 2020, London, UK


Professional Certificate in Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism

Day One: Monday

09:30 Registration and Refreshments  
09:45 Introduction to Course Aims & Objectives
Sharing of delegate experience
Discussions on potential case studies
10:15 History and Expansion of Terrorism
The development of modern terrorism
National and transnational terrorism
11:15 Morning coffee  
11:30 Terrorist Ideologies, Aims, Beliefs, Motivations
Understanding what motivates terrorists
Ideologies behind terrorism
Terrorist organisatons' key aims and objectives
Case studies: Islamist and Jihadist terrorism
Case studies: ISIS and Al Qaeda
13:15 Lunch  
14:00 Terrorist Propaganda and Recruitment Methods
Understanding how terrorists disseminate their message: online and offline
Conducting propaganda
Latest tactics for new recruitment
15:00 Afternoon tea  
15:15 Religion, Ideology and Radicalisation
The roles of religion and ideology in radicalisation and recruitment
16:15 End of Day Wrap Up and Summary  
16:30 Close  

Day Two: Tuesday

09:30 Welcome and Refreshments
09:45 Countering Terrorist Recruitment Methods
11:00 Morning Coffee
11:15 Terrorist Tactics
The role of ideology
The impact of state response on the evolution of terrorist strategy
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Intelligence-Led Security Activity
Contemporary interception and collection of intelligence
Analysis and advice
Snowden revelations and their impact
14:30 Afternoon tea
14:45 Role of Intelligence Cont.
15:15 Security Networks and Internal Security
Nature of threats in recent history
Domestic security strategies
Legal and ethical implications of current security intelligence policies and practices
16:30 End of Day Wrap Up and Close

Day Three: Wednesday

09:30 Welcome and Refreshments
09:45 International Fight Against Terrorism
The role of international organisations in countering terrorism
Relationship between international organisations and states
Stakeholder engagement
G20 Fight Against Terror Summit
10:45 Morning Coffee  
11:00 Current/Future Trends in Terrorist Tactics
12:15 Lunch  
13:00 Rethinking Counter-Terrorism
Knowing where to look: sites of terrorist activity
The prevention of radicalisation and terrorism
New tasks for intelligence-led agencies
14:30 Afternoon Coffee  
14:45 National Policing
The role of internal security institutions
15:30 Terrorist Financing
Sources of income
Cash flows
How to stop the funding of terrorist networks
16:45 Discussion and Close  

Day Four: Thursday

09:30 Welcome and Refreshments  
09:45 Defining Violent Extremism
Understanding the term 'violent extremism'
Complexities in defining
Differences between terrorism and violent extremism
The ideology behind extremism
10:45 Morning coffee  
11:00 Case Study: Identifying Recent Extremist Attacks in Europe
Home grown extremism - European citizens' recent attacks on their home nations
Why Europeans are turning to extremism
11:45 Understanding the Challenges in Countering Extremism
Emergence and evolution of CVE policies
The unpredictability of violent extremism
13:00 Lunch  
13:45 Strategies for Countering Violent Extremism
Creating partnerships to share knowledge and expertise on the drivers of extremism
Reducing specific political or social and economic factors that contribute to community support for violent extremism
Amplifying locally credible voices that can change the perception of violent extremist groups and their ideology
Rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals caught in the cycle of radicalization to violence
15:15 Afternoon Tea  
14:45 Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism
Relationships between government and local partners
Tried and tested strategies
Successes and failures of empowering local partners
16:30 End of Day Wrap Up and Summary  

Day Five: Friday

09:30 Welcome and Refreshments  
09:45 Case Study: Effective Counter-Extremism Initiative - IRA
10:45 Morning Coffee  
11:00 The Role of Social Media in Extremism
Extremists' use of social media
The impact of social media on extremism
12:00 CMI
Structuring a written piece of work for assessment – overview and principles
Structuring these two specific pieces of work to meet assessment criteria
Blending international security content into these structures
12.30 End of Course Wrap Up
Final questions