Professional Certificate
in Strategic Policy Planning

13th - 17th July 2020, London, UK


Robust policy is critical for any government department to reach its desired goals. Strategic planning demands a clear role within the policy process to enable effective policy making and improve relationships with all stakeholders.

Course Overview

The course has been designed for all those working in policy environments, whether at the early stages of evaluating policy proposals and options or at later stages of delivery and evaluation.

Through practical case studies, workshops and discussions with leading practitioners in the field, the programme provides the essential skills for ensuring best practice in strategic thinking, planning and managing the policy process from beginning to end. Participants will improve their understanding of the policy narrative and be fully equipped to develop, deliver and assess a range of policy options concurrent with their organisation's needs. Participants will leave with the ability to communicate and influence the policy process, crucial for those working in governance and key stakeholders.

How You Will Benefit

  1. Determine best practice for analysing and evaluating evidence
  2. Examine how to make robust and realistic policy
  3. Ensure effective use of principles of strategic thinking
  4. Improve skills in creating, communicating and implementing strategies
  5. Evaluate and develop effective methods for making strategic choices

Topics Include:

  1. Working with stakeholders in policy development
  2. Consultations, statutory obligations and best practice
  3. Communicating policy options
  4. Option appraisal
  5. Delivery chains