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The International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS) provides consultancy services to public administrations and agencies around the world on areas including:

  • Constitutional Reform
  • Electoral Reform
  • Regulation
  • Administrative Reform
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Border and Maritime Security
  • Institution Building
  • Equality and Human Rights
  • Government Procurement
  • Competition Infrastructure
  • Educational Reform
  • Public Finances
  • Trade Policy
  • Infrastructure Financing
  • Accountability
  • Public Sector Management

ICPS provides a comprehensive range of consultancy services, and through working in close collaboration with partners is able to deliver consultancy programmes that bring tangible and lasting change.

Through its extensive networks, ICPS draws upon a wide range of experts, consultants, professional practitioners and leading academics, as well as working in partnership with other training and research centres of excellence.

If you would like to discuss any consultancy requirements you have, then please contact us.