A Weekly Webinar Series On Coronavirus

Terms & Conditions

  1. Responsibility To Pay
    When completing the online booking form which constitutes a legally binding contract, the purchaser is liable for full payment of the delegate fees. Full payment must be received prior to attendance.
  2. Invoices
    Invoices are dispatched immediately upon receipt of the registration form, and payment must be made immediately upon receipt of the invoice. The attendance(s) are only secure once payment has been received in full. Failure to adhere to these payment terms may result in ICPS cancelling your place on the course. Special booking rates are applicable when a completed registration and payment form are received by the date specified on the registration form.
  3. Penalties
    Failure to adhere to these payment terms may result in ICPS cancelling your place on the course.
  4. Cancellations
    Cancellations will be accepted in writing no later than 15 days after receipt of registration and are subject to an administrative fee equal to 25% of the applicable per-delegate rate and charged per cancelled delegate place. Cancellations received after 15 days after receipt of registration will be subject to the full delegate fee, which will also be charged in the event of non-attendance.
  5. Delegate Substitutions
    Delegate substitutions may be issued in writing at any time and will not be subject to any charge. ICPS reserves the right to change the programme, date and the venue without prior notice.
  6. Good Governance
    ICPS provides training to foreign government officials aimed at promoting good governance for the furtherance of the latter’s sovereign activities. By entering into this agreement, you certify that you are receiving this training in furtherance of your sovereign activity and for the purpose of promoting good governance.
  7. VAT
    UK customers and non-UK government/public sector registrants are subject to VAT, charged at 20% for all services in the UK. The VAT can be at zero % if the training is for a 'Non-UK public servant or overseas government official for the furtherance of its sovereign activities (that isn’t for business purposes) and therefore exempt from UK VAT at 20% as per section VAT notices 741a (section 16.6), 48 and 701/30'.
    For guidance from the UK HMRC regarding the applicable VAT taxation regulations, see VAT notices 741a (section 16.6), 48 and 701/30 and this link.
  8. Miscellaneous
    The delegate agrees to hold the ICPS harmless for any injury or death that may occur at the programme. ICPS is not responsible for the behavior of the delegates while at the event/symposium, and is also not accountable for any costs, damages and/or expenses connected with the delegate’s transportation to/from the event/symposium or anything relating to accommodations third party services in connection with the Event. ICPS reserves the right to right to remove, cancel or postpone any delegate attendance on the run up to or during the programme/symposium.
  9. Privacy Policy
    For Privacy Policy please see here.