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"I have to say that this was the most inspirational educational experience that I have ever had. The course organisation was excellent both before and during the event – thank you. The chair was excellent and really made sure that we got the best from the speakers and from each other."
(T. Carstairs, Education Commissioning and Contracting Manager, NHS Midlands and East, United Kingdom)

"An excellent programme – thanks for all your great efforts"
(Dr S. Haque, Independent Election Commission, Afghanistan)

"Probably one of the best courses I have ever attended. Spot on!"
(J. Davies, Ministry of Defence, UK)

"An excellent course, I am now going home as a more informed Member of Parliament."
(Namibian Parliamentarian)

"This symposium was excellent, and will enable me to discharge my responsibilities more effectively."
(J. Lema, Prime Minister's Office, Tanzania)

"Government Gazette is a must read... In the short time I've been writing for the magazine, I've quickly discovered just how widely read it is and how many of the key players and senior figures in politics are regular readers."
(Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent, Sky News)

"The symposium met my objectives very well. It highlighted the importance of competition policy, raising good questions for example on the relationship between consumer and competition policy."
(H. Frosterus, Competition Authority, Finland)

"This event exceeded my expectations."
(P. Bhembe, Water Services Corporation, Swaziland)

"Overall, the day was extremely worthwhile and I will recommend it to fellow civil servants."
(M. Riddell, Department for Communities and Local Government, UK)

"Provided the knowledge and tools I need to do my job efficiently."
(M. Awosola, National Weights and Measures Laboratory, UK)

"Very interesting. I heard new views on major problems, and learnt from shared best practices."
(P. Solagna, Service de Police Judiciaire, Luxembourg)

The following testimonials come from bespoke training courses provided on specific issues of compliance and, as such, are prefaced by the name of the organisation to whom we provided the training, and the area in which the training was provided.

Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Malta

Regulatory Affairs
"This course provided tools for use during our daily tasks. Each module gave me practical ways to improve my performance and influence behaviour."

"I enjoyed the group interaction. I now have a better understanding of the theory behind Regulation."

"This course helped me to observe how regulations and laws are structured. I recommend it to my colleagues to widen their knowledge. Indeed, I also would recommend it to the legal department."

Retirement Benefits Authority, Kenya

Finance Regulation
"I would definitely recommend this course. It broadens your perspective and thinking. It puts regulation into a holistic perspective, bringing all the aspects of culture, behaviour, over/under regulation, together."

"The training topics were very appropriate to the five regulatory bodies in Kenya. It was relevant to my line of work as a legal officer working for a regulatory agency. The experiences and examples were very insightful and similar to Kenyan case. I got to understand more on the role of a regulator and how to balance regulation without stifling the business environment. It was a proper induction in the world of financial regulation."

Anti-Corruption Branch, Jamaican Constabulary Force

"The presentation of the materials was very good. The group exercises, seemingly simplistic, elicited useful and profound principles that can be used in everyday life."

"This course strengthens my resolve in fighting against corruption as it provides new ideas and approaches. It contains a lot of valuable material drawn from many regions of the globe."

"Exposure to this course will help to create awareness and culture change, particularly in relation to the impact of corruption on society. It will reinforce the level of responsibility and obligation law enforcement officers have in the fight against corruption."

Central Election Commission of Albania (CEC)

Electoral Processes
"It was very useful, especially on the role of the Election Management Body and for the preparation of a mid-term strategy of the Central Election Commission."

"There was a high level of professionalism from the trainers who tackled the major areas of concern and interest."

"The informal exchange of valuable opinions and especially the "provocation" of debates on key topics."

"It is a highly effective course. It will help a lot; we learned and we brainstormed."

Central Electoral Commission of Georgia (CEC)

Electoral Processes
"During the training, the participants received information from leading UK public servants in raising public trust in electoral processes and systems; strategies for demonstrating transparency and robustness; strategies for implementing new procedures; communicating effectively with varied stakeholders; managing staff across large networks; managing knowledge and information across diverse networks. For the rest of the visit, the CEC representatives met with the experts of various electoral structures. The experts provided them with the practical issues about conducting the elections and the electoral systems. The meetings both with the election administration representatives and electoral experts have been interesting and useful for the CEC delegation, which assisted them in learning more about international practices and challenges of conducting elections."

Office of Utilities Regulation, Jamaica

Regulatory Affairs
"The scope of the programme and the expertise of the trainers challenged us to evaluate our performance as regulators. The Jamaican Utilities Regulator is enriched as a result of our participation in this programme." (Office of Utilities Regulation, Jamaica)

Namibian Parliament

Parliamentary Committees
"An excellent course, I am now going home as a more informed Member of Parliament" (Namibian Parliamentarian)

"The course was very good and assisted with lots of important issues. The information was clear and will be implemented back home to improve processes there." (Committee Clerk, Namibian Parliament)

"The exchanges of ideas and comparative analysis of what is working best in different political environment met my objectives" (Member, National Council of Namibia)

"I now understand how scrutiny works and how to hold an effective inquiry, and I have ideas on how to review the National Council’s system of oversight and Committees" (Member, National Council of Namibia)

Bhutan Parliament

Parliamentary Committees
"The course was run extremely well and tailored precisely to our requirements. The course covered many important areas for the Bhutan Parliament, including the role of Committees, legislative processes, the work of electoral commissions, and constitutional frameworks. The training was delivered in a dynamic and practical way, and has helped us to improve our democratic processes and the functioning of our Parliament." (Bhutan Parliament)

Jamaican Ministry of Transport, Water and Works

Strategic Transport Planning
"I have gained new insights in the assessment of transportation issues, and garnered skills which are immediately applicable in my work activities."

"Good ideas for improving policy/planning monitoring that could easily be applied here."

"It has provided a different approach which should improve the likelihood of achieving the result desired."

"I would recommend this course because of its ability to be customized to specific locations and situations. It also demonstrates the practical application of merging various aspects from multiple disciplines."

Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority

Regulatory Affairs in Education Sector
"It helps a lot in reviewing and improving our regulation."

"[I enjoyed] the mix of theory and application. It became clear how we can apply what we learned to our immediate work."

"It will help me in thinking about what we do in inspection and how we can improve what we do."

"[I enjoyed] learning the way of thinking in order to be able to set the right-touch regulation."

"I enjoyed talking about the actual example that we face at work and applying the understanding."

Northern Ireland Social Care Council

Regulatory Affairs
"Good balance of taught inputs, case studies and group exercises. Had a most productive week. Thank you!"

"This was an extremely well put together and thought out programme. The ability to change the programme based on areas/topics more relevant to participants was excellent. The use of practical examples throughout the course was excellent."

"The issues discussed were very relevant in the context of development in my organisation. The interactive nature of the course where participants shared experiences was particularly enjoyable."

Delta State National Assembly, Nigeria

Governance, Policy and Parliament
" "The issues discussed were very relevant in the context of development in my organisation. The interactive nature of the course where participants shared experiences was particularly enjoyable."

"The training was excellent."

Malawi Electoral Commission

Electoral Affairs
"The course brought in presenters who were well knowledgeable of their subject areas."

"It gave thought provoking lessons that I would like to follow-up on in my duties."

Guernsey Financial Services Commission

Regulatory Affairs
"It was very interactive and presenters showed a mastery of their subject."

"It has been enjoyable and eye opening."

Republic of Ireland Medical Council

Regulatory Affairs
"Keep it up – this has been very helpful."

"It was both good and an eye opener. Thank you. Come again!"

Yobe State Independent Electoral Commission, Nigeria

Regulatory Affairs
"Very excellent and educative."

"It will help in conducting fruitful elections."

Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission, Nigeria

Regulatory Affairs
"It was detailed and professional... I will recommend this course."

Katsina State Independent Electoral Commission, Nigeria

Regulatory Affairs
"I enjoyed the level of preparedness, the presentations and the quality of the materials"

"The presentations were generally excellent."

Other Comments on ICPS International Training:

Independent Communications Authority of South Africa

"[I enjoyed] the fact that it was delivered by the persons with hands-on experience in their subject matters."

"[After this course] I’m looking at my work with new eyes as some of the stuff mentioned by presenters does apply in our work but we never considered it."

Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, South Africa

"I have learned many lessons we should avoid in South Africa."

"Practical application and not just theory. Makes me want to implement learnings in our organisation."

Namibian Competition Commission

"Presenters are well experienced individuals. The mix of theory and practice was very stimulating."

"Very useful course. Improved my knowledge in many areas and aspects of regulation."

Other feedback quotes:

"Well distributed. Excellent organisation and quality. Made me think about things which come natural." (Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Malta)

"Very informative. I have left this programme very confident with my job." (Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission)

"Gave me an appreciation of other regulatory experience that can be applied to our own future activity." (The Pensions Board, Ireland)

"Varied experiences from a range of regulatory sectors with some fantastic presentation." (Lesotho Electricity Authority)

"The course is a must for regulators as it covers theoretical and practical matters relevant for everyday work." (Surface and Maritime Transport Regulatory Authority, Tanzania)